Specialty: NBA, Euroleague, Eurocup, ABA League and MLB (Baseball)
Yield: 14,45%
Average Odds: 2,06
Hit Rate: 54,6%
Staking Method: 1-10
Based on the last: 197 picks
Bookmakers used: Pinnacle
Available Subscriptions: €80 monthly subcription (30 days)
Description: Hi, my name is Aleksandar and I’m 28 years old.

I’ll provide you with detailed coverage in two sports, Baseball (only MLB, season is over now, so I will continue with that next year) and baskeball (NBA, Euroleague, Eurocup and ABA League). It will be my pleasure to serve you with interesting facts and statistics and to share my 6 years of professional betting experience with you.

I am a full time tipster, that mean I spend a lot of time, 10-12h, daily on analyses and gathering information about events, also that mean I am available for any questions 24/7.My goal is long-term success over a long period, years of green numbers which steadily grow your initial bankroll. Betting is a long-term matter which requires patience and knowledge.

I strongly recommend Pinnacle, as most trusted bookie, with higher limits in those leagues which I follow. I use three markets in both sports, for baskeball over/under market, asian handicap and money line, for full time and half time and for baseball over/under market, asian handicap and money line for full time and 1st 5 winnings, Pinnacle offered odds and lines for 1st five winnings.

My bankroll managment is simple:

2u – weak bet, chance to pass around 60%

4u – medium bet, between 60%-75% chance to pass

6u – strong bet, between 75%-90% chance to pass

8u – max bet, over 90% chance to pass

Every units worth 1.0%-1.5% of your starting bankroll, when your starting bankroll raise for 50% then you can raise value of 1 unit. The objective is to maximize the return on your investment (ROI), but with a controlled and minimized risk to avoid bankruptcy with long-term losing streaks. Losing streaks can’t be excluded from betting at all, they happen from time to time.

The expected value has to do with the probability (estimation) assigned to an event by myself and its comparison with the implied probability within the available odds. Those ingredients define the “edge” over the odds posted by a bookmaker. If the edge is > 0 then a pick is released. All my picks have odds bigger than 2.00, so I can say average odds are just above 2.05.

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