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tipsterdirectory.com is an independent resource meant to help bettors and investors select the most convenient tipping services based on their preferences.

It also represents a marketplace for sports betting advisory services – more commonly known as sports tipsters.

Please read these terms of use carefully before applying for membership. By using our service, you indicate that you accept these terms of use and that you agree to abide by them. If you do not agree to these terms of use, please refrain from using our service.

1. 1 This is an agreement between tipsterdirectory.com and the user of it’s premium listing service.

1.2 Subject of the service provided by tipsterdirectory.com is listing third-party sports betting records and information provided by the user – sports tipster.

1.3 The information will be listed at tipsterdirectory.com after providing all required details about the user’s service and paying a subscription fee.

1.4 The user must provide accurate and real details about his service and keep them up to date on the whole duration of it’s listing.

1.5 tipsterdirectory.com reserves the right to remove any parts of the service description which are found misleading or inappropiate.

1.6 The user will agree to public scrutiny and relevant comment feedback about their performance.

2.1 In any moment, tipsterdirectory.com can suspend or remove listings who are breaking the above rules – such as providing incomplete or false statistics, failing to update information upon request or providing false pricing plans – without issuing a refund.

2.2 tipsterdirectory.com reserves the right to refuse listing services that fail to meet application criteria.

2.3 tipsterdirectory.com reserves the right to refuse listing a service for it’s own reasons, which are not a fault of that service.

3. Because of the nature of it’s service – online advertising – tipsterdirectory.com will not issue any refunds.

4. tipsterdirectory.com is not responsible for any part of the listed services and their quality, other than featuring data provided by the user.

5. tipsterdirectory.com reserves the right to terminate the service 30 days after prior notice.

5. Users will be announced by email about any changes of these terms.


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